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Onero Solutions is an Website and Application Services Agency. I joined as a UI/UX Designer, after 3 months I entrusted as a Lead for the design team. Honestly, it’s a small team, only 3-4 interns in the team.

To sum up, what I did in past 1 year as Design Lead in Onero Solutions:

  • Managing the Design Intern, such as manage the work flow, work load, and mentoring.
  • Create the design process framework to fit the development phase. Also migrating the environtment from Adobe XD to Figma.
  • Communicate with the stakeholders; Clients/User, Developer, Business.
  • Brainstorming, discussing, card-sorting to find the best suitable solutions within every limitation boundaries.
  • Turn the ideas and insights into High Fidelity Prototype.
  • Assist the developer while developing the project, and giving Quality Assurance to ensure the project is following the design guidelines.
  • Standarize the Design System for incoming projects.
  • Exploring the novelty, both of interface design trend or design leadership.
  • Have been involved in 16 main projects so far.

During my study, I have more interest to design from the start. It’s brought me to many competition as an application visual designer. Time flies and I realize that I have done the UI/UX things, along with the UX terms being popular, I also take it seriously and try to understand UI/UX deeper.

Binar Academy Bootcamp held by Binar Academy as an intensive IT Bootcamp for about 3 months. I take UI/UX Design course. Not only theoritically in class, the academy also let the student to learn practically. In the team, I roled as UI/UX Designer, and responsible for whole process of design, starting from User Research, Ideation, Wireframing, until High Fidelity Prototyping.

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I joined in Pasienia as a UI/UX Design Intern for more or less 3 months. I did a whole design process, such as conduct a User Research by In-depth Interview with stakeholders, Creating User Journey, Wireframing, Prototyping, and Usability Testing.